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Hacking stories - how we're changing the bridge to audiences

Monday 5 June 2017

Doors Open: 4:30pm
Event Start Time: 

Vivid Ideas Exchange
Level 6, 140 George St
The Rocks, NSW 2000

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We are all driven by, attracted to and motivated by story.

Sometimes, it is the stories we tell ourselves (true or not).

Often it is the stories that are shared with us, and which resonate with maybe a dream; maybe a possibility; maybe a memory; maybe a truth.

Sometimes stories are songs; sometimes they are filmed (short or long); sometimes they are written, sometimes we play a story and sometimes they are experiences.

Does the form in which the story presents to us alter the story, or how we understand it? Does the emotion that a good story generates in us (from anger to passion) change in intensity or manifestation depending on how the story arrived?

This session won't set out to question the importance of our own imagination in finding fertile ground for the story to grow and resonate with us, but we will look at story from a range of angles.

How does the form of story change its function?

Does story-telling in different form: written, visual, digital, interactive, film, virtual or experiential impact on the story and the audience?

Finally, can we show that in story-telling, form and function are interrelated with content in how narrative can reach and affect an audience?


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